About Us

KASSL is a full-service emergency management consulting firm, focusing on a comprehensive approach to emergency management from hazard vulnerability analysis to plan development, training, exercises, and evaluation. KASSL has a team with vast depth and breadth of experience in institutions of higher education (IHEs) as well as K-12 schools and serves premier institutions of higher education, local jurisdictions, and private clients. We take pride in offering personalized emergency management services to ensure a safer world. KASSL has experts, trainers, exercise coordinators, and business continuity planners to assist with any situation.

Our Services

  • Training - Standard ICS training, EOC section and action planning, CERT training, as well as specialized training designed specifically for your organization.

  • Exercises - Customized exercises of all levels from seminars through tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises.

  • Evaluation - Evaluation services to validate current plans as well as readiness using nationally recognized standards.

  • Planning - Custom planning from hazard assessment through emergency operations plan and international risk travel plan development.

  • Business Continuity - Business continuity services from business impact analysis through plan development, contingency planning and continuity of operations planning.


Some of our past and present clients include:

  • Bogaard Group International, Inc.

  • California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI)

  • City of Long Beach, CA

  • City of Glendale, CA

Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.
— Benjamin Franklin