Training is perhaps the most overlooked component of emergency preparedness. Time spent training pays off when emergencies happen.  However, the quality of training matters. KASSL provides training in support of Emergency Operations Center staff, first responders, and strategic decision makers.


StandarD ICS Training

Incident Command System training is the basis for all emergency response. KASSL offers ICS 300 and 400 training from instructors certified by the Emergency Management Institute. We also offer IS-100, 200, 700 and 800 in a classroom environment if desired.


EOC Section and action planning training

KASSL offers a structured program to train Emergency Operations Center staff from beginning to fully qualified.  This training introduces EOC staff to emergency operations, takes them through specific training in each of the five EOC sections and concludes with the action planning process.  All training is conducted in accordance with applicable Emergency Management Institute courses and is designed to meet Type 2 certification standards of the California Office of Emergency Services.


ert Training

Emergency Response Team (ERT) training provides a valuable resource not only to organizations, but also to individual members of the organization. ERT-trained individuals can provide valuable assistance during the first hours of a major emergency and will also be able to carry their skills home with them.

Components include: Disaster Preparedness; Fire Safety & Utility Controls; Disaster Medical Operations; Light Search & Rescue Operations; ERT Organization; Disaster Psychology; and Active Shooter Response.